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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting Organized...

A new year is here which means I am motivated to get organized and set goals. I saw some cute little scratch pad/ grocery list organizers on Etsy and decided I needed one. I put it on my "To craft" list. It would of probably sat there forever if I had not been lucky enough to be a part of a swap where someone else wanted one. I get a lot more motivated when I am making something for someone else rather than myself. So here they are-they fit 4x6 notepads and smaller. I literally went to 5 stores looking for 4x6 pads. I finally found ONE style. They are pricey so I will likely either buy in bulk at an office store or use 3x5 pads in the future. Besides the 4x6 pad they also have a hold a pen and have area for coupons or extra papers and a business card etc. Heavily interfaced and it closes with a velcro tab. I was going to do a button but figured out that if you want to be able to use both sides for writing the button prevents doing that easily.