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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love the look of all the cathedral quilts I have been seeing lately. But I was far too intimidated to try one. Then I came a cross a wonderful tutorial for a pincushion here: http://gogokim.blogspot.com/2011/12/cathedral-window-pin-cushion-tutorial.html I figured a pincushion might be just the size for me to be able to complete a cathedral project. Her tutorial is wonderful! It was the perfect time to open up my Moda Ruby charm pack that I have been hoarding away. Cathedral blocks are not difficult but they are time consuming. Think of it as fabric origami. For the button I pulled out a Fimo button that I had made a while ago. It was my first attempt at clay buttons and I made it much too thick for clothing, but it fits the bill for the pincushion.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sewing for a Good Cause

I have made a goal this year to start using up my huge stash. To be more specific- to get it to where it all fits on my shelves. Buy less-use more of what I have. I am also trying to make items for charity-my goal is 2 charities a month. One charity will always be sewing liners for http://www.daysforgirls.org/
a little about their work from their site:
What if not having feminine supplies kept you isolated during menstruation?
• No study for days.
• No income for days.
• No access to hygiene ... for days.
It happens every day worldwide to women in impoverished communities. We're tackling the goal of ensuring women have their own sustainable, effective feminine solutions. It's working!
This organization is completely volunteer run and sustained. They really do amazing things and there are SO MANY ways to help. Please take a look around their site. And if you happen to be in the SLC UT area you can always drop items off to me and I will mail them with my shipments.
I will post pics of some of the liners I have sewn on a different entry for now--onto my knit stashbusting endeaver. I spent a couple of weeks sewing lots of PJ's. I think it was 17 of them.. Shirts and bottoms galore. I have not decided who they are going to yet, there are so many good causes that could use them. I mught have to resort to pulling a name out of a hat.
I also have been doing some sewing for www.sudanhelp.org My Girl Scouts troop had one of the Lost Boys of Sudan come speak to us. He is working on building a school in his native village. The girls each helped sew a school bag to send to the cause, and I added more to the pile. 19 bags completed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Camera Lens Bag

This is a great camera lens storage bag. Perfect for keeping dust off your expensive lens. It is lined and is interfaced with 1/4" thick foam. The foam is double upped in the base. It will accommodate a lens up to 5" tall. It has a flat bottom and can stand on its own, even when empty. Ribbon tie at the top.
I made a couple for myself, one for a custom order and an extra that can be found in my Etsy shop:

Project Bags

I have made myself a few project bags, after receiving a wonderful one from LeslieHappyHeart in a swap. They have enough room to tote a medium knitting project. They have a drawstring close and an inside zipper pocket. I love the circular design, it makes it easy for the bag to stand on it's own.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Earring Holder and earrings

I almost bought some earring holders online but I have been trying to "use what I have". So I looked around and found these white frames buried deep in storage. Then I remembered this light linen I received that use to be my grandmothers, before she passed away. So My sentimental earring holder was born. For the earrings holder I just cut that plastic mesh needlework canvas to the frame inside size and then hut glued the fabric around and all of it into the frame. I am going to get a little frame easel to rest it on to be able to easily access the front and back.
Then I completed some earrings for Myself. I remembered why I have not delved into my beads for so long. I am so indecisive when it comes to making jewelry. These 7 pair took me almost a whole day to create.

Headband Holder, Knot Apron and underwear

I have been completing so many projects lately. My big goal for the year is to start to use my stash! My craft room is out of control with crafting materials. A few items I have been working on:
Headband Holders These work best with the plastic and metal headbands so they can slip on and off easily.
How I did it:
Take a cleaned empty oatmeal container and spray paint it. Make sure to spray paint the bottom too. You can use the outside for headbands and store bows inside!

I made knot aprons for Christmas gifts for my daughter and cousins. I love the knot style neck because it is easily adjustable and the ties do not get your hair stuck in them.

I have been making more undies for the kids and tried a new pattern to make some for myself. The pattern I used for the womens panties is McCalls 6128 , It was a very easy to follow and sew pattern. The undies are very comfy. I used FOE for the leg elastic. I had never used FOE and I am now in love. So much easier than standard elastic for underwear applications. I used ribbing for the waist though as I like slightly higher waistlines than the pattern had.