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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Coloring Binders

For Easter the past few years we taken a trip to Moab. We leave home on Easter day when everyone else is leaving the park. So it has become a tradition for me stuff the baskets with car activities. This year we decided to switch up the scenery and head to Lava Hot Springs at the beginning of the break, before Easter. Alas I came down with a viscious Flu that has left me in bed for the last 5 days. So our trip was cancelled. Yesterday we went to a movie and breakfast. Then I came home and tried to nap (did not work) Awoke miserable today so Chad has kept the kids occupied for me. Given the circumstances the kids have had good attitudes.
Anyhow..back to the binders. I decided to stick with the car activities theme (we will atleast be able to use them this summer on our trip to Montana). I have been making a lot of binder organizers for my Etsy shop and thought they would be great coloring arts organizers. I made slots for twist up crayons and a zippered pouch for erasors, pens etc. The Edges of the front inside curl up due to the width of the crayons so next time going to have to allow for that issue. Since I had cut out all 3 binder fabrics at once though I figured the kids would not notice the eye-sore though. And well lets face it Suffering from the flu half a week before Easter-it'll just have to do.