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Monday, January 23, 2012

Headband Holder, Knot Apron and underwear

I have been completing so many projects lately. My big goal for the year is to start to use my stash! My craft room is out of control with crafting materials. A few items I have been working on:
Headband Holders These work best with the plastic and metal headbands so they can slip on and off easily.
How I did it:
Take a cleaned empty oatmeal container and spray paint it. Make sure to spray paint the bottom too. You can use the outside for headbands and store bows inside!

I made knot aprons for Christmas gifts for my daughter and cousins. I love the knot style neck because it is easily adjustable and the ties do not get your hair stuck in them.

I have been making more undies for the kids and tried a new pattern to make some for myself. The pattern I used for the womens panties is McCalls 6128 , It was a very easy to follow and sew pattern. The undies are very comfy. I used FOE for the leg elastic. I had never used FOE and I am now in love. So much easier than standard elastic for underwear applications. I used ribbing for the waist though as I like slightly higher waistlines than the pattern had.

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